From the island of Tahiti French Polynesia, surrounded by tropical beauty, Sissi acquired a love for art and meditation at an early age. Colorful lagoons, wave crashing, dynamic skies, and all of the wonders that her tropical home offers, provide an endless source of energy and inspiration for her work. 

Sissi a first generation american, and third generation French Polynesian, with Hakka descendance. She is a creative brand marketer,  entrepreneur, a new world artist, change maker, and design thinker for inner peace. Sissi is the founder of Polynesia Yoga, and co-founder of the Garba Wine Company.

Over the past decade, Sissi has worked in French trade, renewable energy politics, international development, art, and yoga.  For more images and stories about her experience as a global entrepreneur, follow her on Twitter @gauguinewines and Instagram @absolutesissi

Practice of Meditation
Gauguine Wines
Snorkeling in Moorea
Warrior I

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